When Does Baby Start Crawling- get baby crawling!

How to get baby crawling

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Your baby will come on his fours, giving you a new sense of their presence around. Are you excited to see your baby crawl and wondering when does a baby start crawling, or how to get your baby crawling? Or, concerned about what is the age for baby crawling? This blog is for you.

Baby Crawling is a mediating stage between sitting and standing, most of the babies undergo. And, to your knowledge, there is no set way of crawling. All your baby is going to do is come on his four. Every baby may crawl differently, just like he is unique from others. Whatever the style of crawling, watching them roaming around is just adorable, just like a cute little kitten.

When a baby starts crawling, it is just as an expression of more independence, and his moving ability. It is a significant cognitive development. When the baby is moving or trying to move, he is actually exploring his surroundings rather than depending on a carrier to lift him from one point to another.

The process of crawling is what prepares the baby’s muscles to stand and increase their mobility by using hands and feet(and abdomen too!). Our tips on how to get baby crawling, the age for baby crawling, types and benefits of crawling might be beneficial for you when helping your little one in setting on his feet.

When Does Baby Start Crawling?

Mothers are the most worried and concerned figures around kids. They are keeping an eye on each move of their little one, no matter if it’s their development milestones. One of the most favorite questions of mothers related to their baby’s crawling, as per my experience, is When does Baby Start Crawling? The reason for this question might be any, but the answer will surely relieve your tension or concern.

So, your baby will come on his fours from 6th to 7th month, or it might be anywhere between until the 11th month. But, the most exciting part of the answer is yet to come. Guess what, there are a lot of babies who never crawl. There is nothing between sitting and standing. If you were worried about your 8 months old and still not wandering around, don’t worry, it is alright. He is preparing on a big surprise- a standing baby.

And another thing from my side is don’t get concerned about way of his crawling. When a baby is young and becoming mobile, he will explore every possible way. Let him explore the way he is comfortable. Just cherish his development and help him grow.

Types of Baby Crawling

There is no set rule for all babies about how to crawl. It depends on their inner creativity and muscle development. Your baby might be scooting around or trying to be a tripod stand by sparing one leg to relax. Or, no wonder if he is being a little frog. Just like all babies are unique, so are their ways of exploring themselves. Here are a few most common ways, most babies have been seen crawling.

Eh! I am a traditional Guy!

The most obvious way of crawling! When your baby pushes his hands and knees above the belly, and criss-cross moving, alternating legs and hands and ready steady go! It is the classic baby crawling, and many babies have been seen doing this.

I am gonna do Commando Training!

Lying on his belly, and pushing himself forward like a commando, your baby is marching toward his target. This kind of baby crawling is most of the time called commando crawl.

Rock and Roll!

When I can get to my destination by rolling over who needs to burn calories by crawling! Your baby is rolling back and forth until he reaches his target.

Scooter Busky!

Is this the soft floor or my bottom? While learning to move, your baby is going to experiment a lot. He might be bottom scooting by sitting and pushing himself forward against the floor. Imagine a small scooter coming without petrol.

Bear Crawl!

It is similar to that of classic crawling as all fours are being used. But, the difference is that your baby has his knees on the floor, and he is using his feet instead. Seen a bear?

Tripod Crawling

Tripod crawling is more like bottom-scooting. Your little one is going to be using his hands and one leg to move forward.

I don’t have time to entertain you!

Yeah, exceptions are everywhere. Remember, we talked about some babies who will never crawl. Some babies might not waste their time on crawling and aiming at something big. If your baby is developing at the right speed, don’t get worried for him not crawling. He might surprise you by standing on his two.

These are some of the ways your baby might be using to crawling. He might be trying more than one way, using all or not even any of these. Until and unless your baby is showing progress and development, whatever he does is right. So, cherish your parenting moments without any extra worry.

Benefits of Baby Crawling

We have already discussed that baby crawling is the intermediate stage children go through from sitting to standing. Why should a baby crawl? According to research studies, baby crawling is a process which aims at developing your baby to start walking. Before balancing on his legs, he is developing enough strength in his back, abdomen, neck, and shoulders to support him. Here a few benefits of crawling to tell you why it is vital for your baby to go through the crawling stage.

  1. The first motor activity of infants is crawling, which helps them to use their cognition, visual targeting and tracking, and navigational skills.
  2. When a baby gets crawling, he learns how to use both sides of the body. Furthermore, it helps in developing the strength of his legs and arms.
  3. Baby gets to achieve coordinated movement of both arms and legs when they are moving alternative sides to mobilize.

In short, baby crawling is development, skill, coordination, and balance!

How to get baby crawling?

Crawling is not an easy job for your baby. From being totally dependent on you, now it is time for his body, mind, and cognition to come in action. He has to use his vision to target, develop the right balance to lift his body weight, develop navigation skills before actually become mobile. Different body muscles of your baby need to be developed before he is actually set on his moving journey.

In the first 12 months, your baby will be showing incredible growth in almost all departments. You can help your baby become independent in his moves. From being dependent on you to increased mobility, it is the process of muscle development. Being a parent, you can help your baby to achieve his milestones. Here are a few exercises on how to get your baby crawl.

A lot of Tummy Time

Before your baby is pushing himself to crawl, muscle development is what is going to help him. According to the expert pediatricians, the neck, arm, abdomen, and calve muscles of baby need to be developed before starting to crawl. Make sure to give your baby enough supervised tummy time to get him to crawl. It is the time when your little one is getting how to support his head and shoulders using his elbows. Keep one thing in mind that babies are not developed to crawl, but they are just experimenting with moving. The more you will help them in getting new moves and ways to crawl, they will develop the skill.

Help him to sit more often

When your baby is spending his time sitting, it will develop his back and abdominal muscles. Supporting your baby to sit with the help of a cushion, or in your lap at the start will lead him to sit on himself in later stages. This exercise of sitting is also making him prepared for crawling. As his back and stomach muscles have been developed enough in sitting practice, he will be able to have better support and balance in your infant’s locomotion.

You might be surprised to see that when you left him sitting, but now he is leaning to approach at something placed at a distance. He might try to move back and forth, rollover, or planking. It’s how to get baby crawling and roaming around the house.

Belly Bait

In the early months of your baby, another exercise more like a game can help him in building muscles to start moving. That’s is belly bait. When you are having a fun time playing with your baby or giving him tummy time, just add this one step. Put something like a toy or tv remote or your phone at a little distance from your baby. When he is trying to reach out to that object, he is actually developing his abdominal muscles helpful in crawling at a later stage. So, belly bait is also very helpful in getting your baby crawl.

Things to Avoid to Get Baby Crawling!

Independence, encouragement, and freedom to experiment are essential for growth. The same applies to your infant. To make your baby grow and develop, you must give him the necessary freedom to explore himself. Being protective is understandable and justified, but being over-protective may become a barrier in your little one’s growth. Here are a few things you should avoid to support your child’s movement.

Avoid too much of baby walkers!

Obviously, baby walkers are for a purpose, to support your child walking. But, excessive use of walkers may leave your little one totally dependent on the walker for moving. Of course, when he will be able to reach anything without much effort, he will never work on developing his upper body strength. Baby walkers are incredibly beneficial for your baby’s lower calve muscles. But, using them before time will make a loss than benefit. Once your baby has done enough experimentation with crawling and trying to stand, the use of walkers will benefit at that stage. Therefore, don’t use baby walkers in the early months of your infant.

Avoid Baby Carriers and Baby Seats

If you put your little one in a baby carrier or baby seat all the time just for your own comfort, you are doing no good to him. Being a parent, you will never want to put a barrier to your child’s growth. It is understandable to use baby seats and baby carriers while you are traveling or out for shopping. But, my advice is don’t use carriers too much. When your baby is in a safe space of the home, let him exercise freedom and independence to explore his own body rather than depending on these aids.

How To Keep Your Crawling Baby Safe?

Once your baby starts crawling, you will be surprised by his tremendous pace of development in the mobility department. But, it is important to provide him a safe environment for your newly mobile baby to keep up the pace. You can use soft and comfy leggings for his knees when he is crawling. It will save him from any scratches or burn due to rugs.

Another thing you can do is to baby proof your house for your baby who is learning to become independent. Putting breakables or any potential hazards aside from his way will prove helpful in his development. Your baby is learning to move, but still, he doesn’t know what to follow and what to not. Coming on your fours and looking at things with your baby’s perspective will prove beneficial in providing him a safe environment to crawl.

The biggest fear of parents of a moving baby is the stair fall. Putting stair gates also helps in avoiding your baby from falling. But hold for a second! Don’t you think in this way you are putting a hurdle in the way of your baby? How will he learn to climb if you ain’t giving him a playground to do so? Here is an option for you. Put stair gates leaving two or three stairs free. It will let your baby climb up.

Final Words

As soon your baby has started crawling, the next step is standing. He might be trying to stand using a couch, bed railing, or table. After the first mobility development, it will be a matter of no time to see him walking and running. If your baby has not shown any signs of crawling, don’t worry, he might skip the crawling stage. But, if your child is not even trying to stand by his first birthday, and try to push himself forward using his one side of the body, make sure to visit a doctor.

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