Toddler Milestones: Watch these Developmental milestones of toddlers!

Toddler Milestones

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Happy birthday to your 1-year-old! Now he is a newly transformed toddler. His journey of toddler milestones is progressing. Most probably, he will be marching on his twos by his first birthday, not on his own but by holding objects or people. Or maybe your toddler is just having his sweet time in toddling. Your brand new toddler is exploring around and looking for her independent movement around everything.

At the age of 1 year, your baby is craving his independence. During his 2nd year, he is going to explore and achieve several toddler milestones. Do you know that your 1-year-old baby’s brain has grown double in size? Now you can imagine what you are going to experience. Probably, it is the time when the only thing your baby knows is to say “No.” It can be a real frustrating experience for most moms and dads, but this is just the start.

Your toddler will be proving his independence by manipulating his toy with flashlights. On the other day, you will find your hair in her hand while she is practicing her hands’ grip. Being a parent, you are responsible for helping your little one in achieving his toddler milestones. The curiosity of your 2 years old is unstoppable, and he knows no limits.

During your toddler’s growth, help him to tackle new challenges and hone new skills. Although the risks are supervised by your babyproofing, it will help your toddler to grow more confident. Allow him to exercise his independence to climb up the stairs, stop and touch a plant on the roadside, checking out your pet cat that why she is sniffing, or experimenting with toys.

Your toddler’s milestones between the 12 months to 3 years are very important. He is being a person on his own.

2 years old baby milestones

Toddlers’ developmental milestones during the second year are very challenging for the parents. The little monster is entering a new phase where he is developing himself more of himself. The dependency on the parents still exists, but his up-gradation from fours to twos has increased his mobility. Being a parent makes us more anxious about the safety of our toddler. But, to harness his skills and to explore new things, you have to be his ally.

Your little one has already mastered the basics of all skills, from communication to movement. During the second year, you will see more development milestones that are advanced from communication skills to movement skills. We have listed some major toddler developmental milestones which you should expect your toddler to achieve by his 2nd birthday. So let’s dive in.

2 years old toddler milestones: Movement skills

By the end of the second year, in the department of walking and movement your 2 years old baby milestones should be:

  • Now he can walk around freely without any support or holding objects.
  • You will often see his toys marching with him in the whole house. As your toddler has achieved a milestone of pulling his toys.
  • Get ready for the fun of running after your little monster to change his dress because he has mastered the art of running as a major developmental milestone of a toddler.
  • Mommy, always have your eyes and ears open. You might be working in the kitchen, and the bashing sound of something breaking by falling off the side table leaves you in grief. Because your 2 years old baby will be seen climbing up and down of the furniture.

2 years old toddler milestones: Communication and language skills

Your toddler milestones in the department of language and communication are going to be tremendous in the second year of their growth. You should expect your 2 years old baby to achieve the following developmental milestones:

  • You are still the only person he knows about. He is learning to interact with his age fellow toddlers. But, till now, you are the one he likes to play with.
  • By the age of 18 months, your toddler has advanced from first words
  • and can speak more than 20 words and small phrases too. He can ask for milk like, ‘Me milk,’ or call you by saying, ‘Mommy come.’
  • By growing to the age of 2 years, he will be able to speak around 5 to 300 words.
  • Parallel playing is a common milestone achieved by toddlers. You will see them sitting with their peers and playing. Look, there is a difference sitting with peers, but not playing with them, but they are playing with themselves. 
  • Get ready to experience tantrums of your toddler during his second year of growth. This is because, during the second year, toddlers are developing their cognition. Furthermore, they might get frustrated especially, when they are teething. Know more about the teething tantrums in our blog about baby teething symptoms.

2 years old toddler milestones: hand and fingers movements

Moms and dads, your 2 years old toddler, have started to explore the world with their own hands. A pro tip to make your walls crayons and pencils friendly. You are going to see pretty faces, and Niagra falls on your bedroom walls or living room entrance. In the department of hands strength, your 2 years old baby will achieve the following milestones:

  • He will be able to scribble with chalks or crayons. Get ready for his inner babbling artist to come out!
  • Playing with blocks is the most exciting thing to do for your toddler. He will be able to make different objects using block stacks.
  • You will find out that your little one is using one hand more often. This is the time when it is defined either your superstar will be left-handed or right-handed!

2 years old toddler milestones: Cognitive and Emotional

Your little one is no more a baby but a toddler, trying to act like an adult. He needs more independence in his actions and wants the freedom to experience whatever he wants to. Your toddler will achieve the following developmental milestones at the end of 2nd year:

  • He can differentiate between different objects by their shape and colors. Now it must be making sense, why does he always attract toward blues!
  • His cognitive skills are enhancing. The little cotton ball who couldn’t find a thing placed behind you can now find things even hidden somewhere.
  • He is now playing with his toys or pet. Don’t get surprised to find your toddler being a doctor to your pet.
  • In the emotional department, you will find him holding the phone and pretending to be talking with real men’s expressions. Want to guess where did he get it from? It’s you. Your toddler has started to copy you and your style and imitating it.
  • Every time when you have to leave for somewhere, a whole drama is created at home. This is the separation anxiety of your 2 years old baby, which is developed as a result of emotional advancement. But don’t worry, it will fade away after a few months. It is just a developmental milestone of your toddler, as an addition of new emotions.

3-year-old toddler development Milestones

3rd year is very crucial in the development of your little darling. He is more receptive to what is happening around, and in this phase, his own self is being determined.  So, keep that thing on your mind. Don’t go into trauma when you catch him lying about breaking your favorite showpiece. He doesn’t know that honesty is the best policy yet. You are the one going to make him develop good habits.

Try to improvise, asking behavior to encourage him to explain what actually happened. For example, ask him how this showpiece could end up on the floor? And if he tells you’re the truth, reward him. This is the only way he will get that honesty is the best policy, and the truth is the path. Your 3 years old toddler is in his preschool phase. Try to add numbers to his daily things, like his age, number of stairs, counting the candies, or fruits. Write his name in bold letters at the door of his room. We have repeatedly said that only parents can help their little ones’ to grow.

We have listed some developmental milestones of your toddler by the age of 3 years. So let’s look at them.

3 years old toddler milestones: Movement skills

  • He can run, walk, and move in any way you can think of. Your toddler has grown up to be your little champ companion. Happy parenting!
  • A 3 years old toddler has achieved another development milestone. That is, he can easily climb up the stairs by alternative feet, though to come down, he still does it on two feet on one stair.
  • He can draw shapes and words by tracing them over an already made shape.
  • The advancement in his movement has enhanced to that level where he can balance himself one foot for a second or two.
  • You have your playing companion at your home now. Your 3 years old toddler can throw the ball and catch it with full arms stretch.
  • He can dress himself up and undress too by a little help by the age of 3 years.

3 years old toddler milestones: Communication and language skills

  • He can speak 3 words sentences easily, and they are understandable.
  • By now, your little one has started to understand the meanings of spatial words too, like on, in, up, down, etc.
  • Moms and dads, put your sleeves up and get ready to answer that one question of your 3 years old toddler, that is Why. Your smart and curious toddler is going to ask you this question more often in response to almost everything you are doing. Because he wants to know the logic behind everything.

3 years old toddler milestones: Cognitive Skills

  • He is a small grown up toddler who is able to tell his full name as well as age.
  • He can count the things up to number 3 or 4.
  • His intelligence is at that advanced level, where he can solve easy puzzles.
  • Although his memory is still in process. Don’t mind if he has forgotten that he has beaten up his fellow in daycare last day.

3 years old toddler milestones: Social and Emotional Skills

  • He has developed a friendly behavior toward his age fellow toddlers, unlike his 2nd year. He likes to go outside more often.
  • You might notice that he is more often involved in teaching his cats a lesson or asking batman to open his mouth to inspect his sore throat.
  • He will be more responsible for house chores. Will always be there to mess up, oh, I mean to help you in your chores.
  • He knows simple rhymes like early to bed and early to rise.  

Key Takeaway

Your 2 years old toddler has now become a young 3 years old preschool child. He has developed his own individuality by the age of 3 years. You have to look for these developmental milestones of toddlers in your young one. Best parenting tips are to have story time every night before going to sleep, encourage your tot to experience new things. Engage yourself with him in his games like make-believe, and peek-a-boo. Arrange activities to increase his cognitive abilities, like incorporating different puzzles, color games, and counting.

We have provided you the list of 2 years old baby milestones and 3 years old child milestones. It is intended to help you keep track of your toddler’s developmental milestones. But these milestones are no way hard and false rules. Till the age of 3 years, babies are exploring their own body and how it functions.

Some alarms should never be ignored. If you feel that your child is not able to speak clear sentences or is physically weak to do strokes and scribbles with crayons, it is time to worry.  If your instincts are alarming you that there is something out of order or you notice delayed developments in your child, immediately make an appointment with your doctor. It is better to consult your doctor to combat any complexities in your offspring’s growth.

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