First bath of a baby-How to bathe a newborn?

How to bathe a newborn?

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Often new parents are looking for answers about how to bathe a newborn or how often to bathe a baby. We have tried to help all the new mommies and daddies about the first bath of a baby.

Like all the firsts of your baby, the first bath of a baby is also a special event for new parents. Pick up the camera and get ready to capture these beautiful moments to remember forever. Bathe times are soothing moments for babies as well as the parents. The laughing, cooing, giggling of your newborn brings your child outside. According to research, more bathe times with your newborn help increase the emotional attachment between baby and parents. 

A survey was done by Johnson’s and Johnson’s about the bathe times of babies and asked 3500 parents about it! Guess what, parents regard it as the most adorable moments and quality time spent with their newborns. The parents’ most important concerns about bathing their newborn for the first time are: How, when, why, temperature, accessories, and minute details. Worry not, we have come up with an answer to every query of moms and dads about the first bath of a baby and later on! Let’s get started.

When should I give the first bath of a baby?

Gone are the days when hospital nurses used to wash away the baby right after birth. The declaration of the World Health Organization(WHO) has clearly stated to delay the baby’s first bath as long as possible. At least, a delay of 24 hours is highly prescribed before you bathe your newborn for the first time. 

Why is the delay in the first bath of a baby beneficial?

According to research conducted by the Department of Pediatrics at Boston University and Boston medical college, delaying the first bath benefits the baby. The study indicated higher breastfeeding initiation chances and higher breastfeeding rates if the first bath of a baby is delayed for more than 24 hours. Hence, most pediatricians recommend delaying the first bath for more than 24 hours.

Furthermore, we that the baby should not be given bathe daily. Instead, 2 to 3 times a bath in a week is enough for a newborn. When babies are born, they are not good at regulating their body temperature. And, bathing is not going to help in any way. Despite the minimum time to wait before bathing your baby is 24 hours, many pediatricians suggest giving the first bath of a baby after 8 to 10 days.

The head of department at Family practices and postmortem at BC Women’s hospital also supported the idea of delaying the first bath. In his statement, Michael Farmer stated that the skin to skin time of a mother and the baby must not be interrupted. These moments of mother-baby bonding are significant. He further added that caregivers could rub a towel to clean off any blood, amniotic fluid, or meconium because newborn babies are not dirty.  

Benefits of bathtime for babies

Besides many good memorable photos and cleanup, there are many other benefits of bathtime for babies. Let’s discuss them all. 

Build a parent-baby bond

The beautiful moments of cooing, singing, giggling, washing, and cleaning will be imprinted in your memories for years to come. Bathtimes are the best skin to skin moments that helps in building the parent-baby bond. It is the time when you are just with your baby, and your inner child comes out while playing with your little ball of cotton. 

You learn about your baby.

Being a parent is a thrilling and beautiful learning journey. Right after the moment your baby comes into the world, your journey of exploring and learning about your baby starts. And among those learning moments, some crucial moments are bathtime. You might get astonished to see your baby giggles when you massage your baby’s tummy. Or, you might get excited to see the wide eyes of your cotton candy at the splashes of water in the bathtub. Believe it or not, there is a lot you will learn about your baby at bathtime.

Soothes your baby. 

A bath after a long tiring day brings a feeling of calmness and relaxation. Nothing can be more soothing than lying in the bathtub at the end of a hectic day. You can relate your experience to your fussy baby. The bathtimes give relief to your baby. And the massage, later on, can be a cherry on the top of the cake. 

Induces Sleep

The benefits of bating for your baby are endless. Just like having a bath before sleeping results in better sleep quality, your baby will have a better sleep after bathing. It can be a great idea to add bathing to the bedtime routine of your munchkin. 

How to bathe a newborn?

In this section of the blog, we are going to talk about how to bathe a newborn step by step. 

Getting ready

The first bath of a baby is usually a sponge bath. You must get ready with everything before setting on the voyage of bathing your newborn for the first time. We have already talked about babies’ inability to regulate their body temperature, so you must make sure that the room is warm and the temperature must be around 75 Farhenhiet at minimum. Furthermore, look for a flat place like a kitchen counter, bed, or table. Place a towel on that place to lay your baby on. 

The things that must be ready and assembled before the first sponge bath of your baby are the following.

  • A clean towel or blanket- having the one with a hood will be a better option.
  • A sponge or a clean cloth.
  • A diaper us 
  • Clean clothes
  • Warm water

First Sponge bath of a baby: How to bathe a newborn?

It is highly advised and prescribed to sponge bath your newborn until the umbilical cord falls off, naval heals, or circumcised heals. These soothing sponge bathe should be around 8 to 10 weeks until the baby heals completely. 

 Here are some of the basic step by step instructions to give the first bath of a baby. 

  • The first step of bathing is undressing your baby. But, remember to never undress your newborn at once and all. Undress him, and let the diaper be on. Hold your baby’s head with your hand while you are undressing him. 
  • Do not expose your baby to open air. Instead, cover him and only expose the areas that are to be cleaned first. 
  • When cleaning up with the sponge or rinsed clothe, clean each part one by one. For example, start from the face and go to elbows, knees, toes, fingers, etc. 
  • Don,t expose your baby’s head all the time. That’s why using a hooded towel was recommended. After cleaning his other body parts, gently clean your baby’s head. There is no need to use shampoo; just water is enough for a newborn’s handful of hair.
  • And now comes the lower body and cleaning the genitals. Remove the diaper now.
  • Clean your baby’s belly, lower legs, and genitals using a soft cloth or sponge.
  • There are two important tips for parents they should take care of. One is never to leave your newborn in the tub during bathtime. No matter if its an urgent call or you have to go open the door, take your baby along. The second tip is to tap your baby gentry while cleaning him. If you rinse, your baby’s sensitive skin will be damaged.
  • And after a thorough cleaning, your brand new cotton ball is ready to be dressed up.

First bath of a baby: Finding the right tub for baby tub bath

After the first 8 to 10 weeks, when your baby’s naval and circumcised healing is complete, it is now time to explore new things. It is not a rule of thumb because not every baby might like the new way of bathing. Hence if your baby gets irritable by the new shift, try sponge bah for another week or two, allowing your baby to get used to it.  Now we are going to look at how to bathe a newborn in a tub!

Some basics you are supposed to do before bathing your newborn in the tub are:

  • Go find a bathtub that is made of good plastic, and finding the right size is very important. The size of the tub should be such that to keep the head of your baby outside. 
  • Another thing that should be taken care of while choosing a bathtub is checking slip-resistance. If it is so, it will give nice and slip-resistant support to the baby’s back. 
  • We highly recommend not to use any bath rings or bathe seats. They are not for your newborn soft munchkin. Instead, such accessories are for older babies who are able to sit on their own.

First bath of a baby: How to bathe a newborn in the tub?

Here are some of the basics to follow on how to bathe a newborn after 8 to 10 weeks of sponge bath. 

  • A tub bath for a baby is supposed to be a quick one, unlike for adults. Fill your baby’s bathtub with warm water that should not be too hot. 
  • Don’t fill the tub to its mouth. Instead, filling a 2 to 3 inches of water is more than enough.
  • Now undress your baby, and it’s time to explore the ebbs and flows of this cutie’s bathtub. 
  • For now, baby hair is growing; use gentle baby shampoo. 
  • For washing his face, use a soft cloth or sponge. Cover his eyes by cross your hand across.
  • As for keeping the body temperature of your munchkin warm, use your hands to wash over the baby’s chest gently. 
  • Once the bath is complete, put over the baby lotion on your little one’s body to keep it moisturized.
  • After that, apply diaper ointment to prevent irritation.
  • Where is the towel? Wrap up your cutie-pie in the towel, and here you go with a big challenge of bathing baby. 

How often to bathe a newborn?

This is one of the questions many first time mommies ask! How often to bathe a newborn? We addressed this question before too. Your newborn baby should not be bathed daily. Bathing twice or maximum thrice would be enough to do. Here are some logical justifications for that.

The Baby’s skin is delicate and soft. If it is exposed to excess water, the moisture and softness will be lost. Furthermore, a doctor at Children’s Hospital Michigan states that bathing a newborn every day may worsen eczema among babies. It is a skin condition that is related to itchy skin and inflammation. 

Mr. Grant further added that 2 to 3 times bathe in a week is the right balance. He also added that the use of extensive baby products being sold in the market should also be avoided for newborns. It is also a potential cause of eczema triggering. 

Key Takeaway

The firsts of babies are chaotic. And the fun adds to it if you have your first baby. Many pediatricians say that many parents are extremely nervous about different milestones of their babies. Being a new parent, you are nervous and conscious, as well. 

You are looking and learning new things to be able to deal with parenting situations. But we want to give you a sigh of relief. Baby bathing is among some of the most beautiful and enjoyable moments between parents and the baby. You should focus on making the bond stronger with your newly born. Furthermore, the benefits of baby bathing cannot be ignored too.
Over time, you will become pro at bathing your baby, so don’t worry and live the moments. 

We wish you happy bathing!

We will end the blog by a cute saying that is 

                     Wash away your troubles with the bubbles. 

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