Baby milestone development; Babies Milestones to look for at 12 months

Baby Milestones to look for at 12 months

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Infants show tremendous growth and achieve many developmental baby milestones in their first 12 months. Developmental milestones are major growth prospects of your baby like crawling, standing up, or sitting. And what a heart-melting moment it will be to hear your munchkin say, mama.

Parents are often curious and anxious if their baby is growing normally. But, dear mom and dads, babies come in a wide range of sizes! By this, I mean that your baby might be showing less growth in the department of height or weight as compared to your friend’s infant. But, it is not a worrisome condition. Babies’ developmental milestones achievement depends on various factors like their diet, genetics, surrounding environment, and, last but not least, the input and efforts of parents.

Being a parent requires a lot of patience, love, and selflessness. I know you must have googled, “Is my baby growing normally? Or “Is my baby missing any of his development milestones?” So, let me relax you in a minute. Dear moms and dads, we cannot fit all the babies in one standard because every baby is unique and have their own speed of growing.

Your baby may say his first word at the age of 5 months. But, it doesn’t guarantee that he will start crawling before than an average infant. It might be possible he takes more than average time to crawl. But, there is nothing odd. He or she might be perfecting her crawling skills to show them up to the world. So, the point of the whole conversation is that let your baby grow at his own pace. But, we cannot deny the fact of mommy’s concern about her baby growth milestones. Hence, we have come up with a list of babies’ milestones. These growth milestones of babies can be expected to be achieved by your superhero by the age of 12 months. So let’s have a look at it.

Baby Milestones list by the age of 12 months

As I said before, the normal for growing babies has a wide belt. If your baby is lacking in one milestone, it doesn’t mean that God forbid he has some health problems. The guidelines about the baby milestones in this blog are not standard or expert recommendations. Normal for one baby might not be normal for the other one. So, before going into the milestones list, we highly recommend you always have regular checkups inline to combat any health problem of your baby. So let’s dive in.

Baby Milestones:0-3 months

The first three months are very challenging for parents as well as for the child. He is getting familiar with the surroundings. His first cry is his welcome greeting to you, dear parents. And after that, there are a number of cries associated with every different need. Whereas the life of parents is marked with a lot of sleepless nights. But, some of the babies milestones at 3 months may include,


It is so loving to see your baby smile when he is sleeping. But catching your baby respond to your smile with a lively smile is a perfect end to a long tiring day. During the first 3 months, your baby will start smiling. At first, he will be smiling to himself, but by the end of 3 months, he will be responding to your smiles by a smile.

Lifting his head and chest

You will notice that your baby will be trying to lift his head when on tummy by the second month. You should expect your little panda to lift his head and chest will be a great milestone achievement at 3 months.

The increased grip of hands

In my life, the best ever experience was an infant holding my finger so tightly with his little cotton-like hands. One of your baby’s milestones at 3 months includes that he will start to hold things with a firm grip. Your baby will also achieve another milestone of opening and shutting hands. And doing their favorite thing that is taking the hand to mouth.

Movement of eyes

You will also notice them following the movement of objects by eyes during the first 3 months. It is the time when the cognitive side of your baby is developing at a full pace. He is adjusting to his surrounding environment.

Trying to reach distant objects

You might notice your baby trying to reach to the hangings in his baby cot. Although he won’t be able to do, he will be swiping at the distant objects.

Baby Milestones: 4-6 months

During the time of 4 to 6 months, your little monster is learning the art of manipulation of objects around them. And for it, they are exploring their most strong weapon, hands. Watch out your hair when your baby is around 4-6 months. Baby Milestones at 4 months may include:


You will see your Rockstar exploring his voice by his baby talk that is babbling. And you must master your babbling art. So you might like to read our blog on the baby’s first word to master baby talk.


The house is made home with the warmth of your little one’s giggle. He will be responding to your gestures with his cute and lively giggles during the time of 4th to 6th month.

Sitting and improved head control

Your baby will be able to achieve another milestone during his second 3 month period. He will be able to sit with support and will have remarkable head control.

Reaching to objects

Finally, their trying of approaching distant objects will reap the fruit of success. Your baby will be approaching and manipulating anything that comes their way. Either it is your hair or his toys.

Rolling Over

You will observe him rolling over from front to back and back to front.

Babies Milestones: 7-9 months

During the second half of the first year, your baby is going to actually make you feel his presence. He will make you realize, “Mom and Dad, get on your knees, I am going to give you some hard times. Let’s begin the fun.” By his 7th month, he will be aware of the fact that he can rollover. And how can he afford to miss this fun of rolling over everywhere? A pro tip, get yourself babyproofed before he actually starts giving you real tough time. You will see some real development milestones achievements in your baby, which may include:

Start Crawling

He will start to explore the world on his own. He will start to crawl and move around. But, if your baby is an outlier, he might never crawl and directly stand on his feet. But, let me tell you it is a great pleasure to see your little one crawling on his knees and hands. Your heart will melt to see him trying to move on his tummy.

Sit without support

He will start to sit on himself without any support needed.

Respond to their names

A tremendous milestone achieved by babies during 7th to 9th month is their communication skills. They are learning to communicate with their homies. They will respond when their name is taken around. In fact, most of them also respond to instructions like, “please give it to me,” or “put it back.’

Other Developmental Milestones

Some other milestones at 9 months include standing up with the support. They will also start to play the games with you and clap to show their happiness.

Baby Milestones: 10-12 months

This is a remarkable and exciting time in your baby’s life. He is transforming from being just baby to a toddler. You will notice him behaving more like a toddler. Some of the developmental milestones achieved by your baby may include but are not limited to:

Walking and roaming around using support

He will start marching around in the house by using the support of different objects during his 10th to 12th month.

Starts talking and saying their first words

Another achievement most of the babies will have in their 10th month to 12th month is actually saying his first words while understanding the meaning of the words. He will start associating the word mama and da-da to call parents. Most probably, your little one will be able to say three to five words by his first birthday.

Begin to feed himself

Naturally, your munchkin will start to feed himself and will be becoming more independent! He will start holding things with more hold and strength.

Try to act adult

Your adult, I mean your baby will start to play and act like an adult by copying your style, and your ways. For instance, catching him doing an imaginary phone call will be enough to make your day.

How to help your infant in his growth milestones in 1st year

The first year in your baby’s life is really a time where he needs you the most. You can help your little one by most basic things. Loving, cuddles, playing with him, giving attention, feeding him, and changing diapers are little act which you need to do. He is exploring the world in his early months, and too young to understand the boundaries of the world. It has to be you to be attentive to your baby to help him achieve his developmental milestones. Here are a few ways you can be better able to connect with your baby.

Babies can’t ask but only cry!

A good parent is the one who understands the cries of his baby. Babies express every problem by crying in the early months. Either it is hunger or heaviness of diaper, they will cry to catch your attention. Moms and Dads, you can be a good parent by paying attention to these cries of your little one to help him connect with you and understanding his needs.

Always be there for your baby!

You are the only person around your child! So, be with your baby. In the first year of your baby, he is growing up so fast, understanding the world and learning new things. You need to play with him, talking with him about whatever you are doing is an easy way to grow with your little one.

Help him play and have tummy time!

Help your baby in his playing on his tummy. And doing so, make sure he is safe enough during his exploration process.

Your baby is a little monster, babyproof your house!

You need to understand that your baby is exploring surroundings and experiencing his superpowers. The ball is in your court. He knows no limits, but you do. So, make sure that your baby has the independence to do anything but with the safety provided by you.

Final words

Bringing up your infants is a complete stage show which requires a lot of patience. It can be a disaster sometimes, and other times, you might feel like superheroes. At stressing times, watching your cotton balls spreading their cuteness around will make your day. By the list of milestones at the age of 12 months, you can understand what normal growth milestones of your baby are and what should you expect from your babies.

During the first year give your baby as much time as you can. Make a connection with your baby. Play with him, learn with him. His first is the growing period for both of you. You as a parent are learning, and he is also exploring the family life and his debut in the world.

But, if you sense something wrong, immediately visit your paediatrician. Because as early you will be able to catch any abnormality you will be able to tackle it more efficiently. So in parenting, trust your instincts for your baby’s mal milestones.

As a closing note, we will just quote Shu’s words,

Don’t look at the time as much as the progression, and see that your child is changing and growing. It’s not a race. Nobody’s going to ask on a college application when your child first walked or said ‘da-da.

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